A copy of the letter

در این دسته به چاپ رسیده است اخبار

تاریخ چاپ  

It will not be unreasonable for me to send you a copy of the letter I sent today to the gallery presenting my works in Chiraz.
Let me also give you good news. Recently, the Toos Foundation in England presented prestigious Iranian painters from the beginning of Safavides1500 JC to the present day, and I am also one of the artists such as: Ali Shir Navai, Kamaluddin Behzad, Reza Abbasi, Sani Al-Molk, Kamal Al - Molk, Hossein Kazemi, Alivandi, Mahmoud Farshchian, Hannibal Al-Khalas, Parviz Kalantari, Bahman Mohasses, Afjehey, Tanavoli, Aydin Aghdashloo and Hassan Makaremi.
And also my introduction to Moscow Modern Calligraphy Museum with seven works.